winter and bloom (dance set from 2007)

side one: winter.

side two: bloom.

i played this set in a basement in 2007. people seemed to like most of it, even the scary parts. i know it's ancient history, but i didn't have this blog back then, and steve wanted to hear it. so i've put it on archive.

set list:

pigs feet
a fern sullied
artichoke on the run
pay attention!


blue bus (c'mon)
equos onda
3 quarks for master mark (charmed mix) - feat. miles pearce on flute

(180 bpm)

the set was made in supercollider, digital performer, and abelton live. it basically marked the end of my exploration of dance-music styles, mostly dark psy, happy hardcore, hard house, and drill n bass. in addition to these genres, compositionally i was (and continue to be) obsessed with microtonality, oddmeter and polyrhythms. the sound palette i used was very influenced by the work of curtis roads and iannis xenakis. i also regularly did studies where i'd use less than one second of sound material to generate entire 15 minute works. since then, i have almost totally moved away from beat oriented music, but i could definitely see myself revisiting this in the future. so wise up!

what was great about this night in particular was the sense of a truly open, positive community dedicated to experimentation and collaboration. everyone involved had something really unique and beautiful to offer, and i don't just mean the dudes with the gear (although they were awesome too!). only a few times in my life since have i felt such a sense of collective pride and accomplishment. one such night, in recent memory, was the night chronotronic played monkeytown. i sincerely hope to have more nights like this in the future.

let's make it happen!

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