Warm Jets

Warm Jets is a new vst plugin I've made. It provides three, independently bypassable, high-quality effect units in a network with feedback, which allows for a diverse range of transformations ranging from subtle psychedelia to bleary washes. Warm Jets can easily self oscillate, making it a powerful synthesis tool in its own right.

In addition to standard feedback, Warm Jets can respond to changes in its own output, which can produce semi-stable chaotic complexes.

The three stages consist of:

Fiz - (Saturation / Overdrive)
The input stage is first saturated with a well-tuned nonlinear transformation (ie distortion), which is suitable for a wide variety of source material. At its extremes, this unit can go from subtle, tube-like warmth to blown-out sludge metal. Typically I like it somewhere in between, especially when using several of these in an aux-network (recommended).

Zap - (Allpass Network / Phaser)
The second stage is a stereo cascade of 32 2nd-order allpass filters with variable frequency and resonance. The left and right channels are applied in parallel, and tuned to be 90 degrees apart. This implementation has its own multi-stage saturation, which allows for creamy swooshes and metallic vocal formants.

Din - (Delay Network / Flanger)
The third stage is a stereo feedback delay network with variable speed delay lines. The previous allpass network actually happens within the delay network, so the echoes continually experience phase shift as they circulate. Not quite as dark as tape, and not overly bright like most digital delays. The left and right channels have some cross-paths that can prevent the unit from getting stuck in a rut.

The "Wobble" knob modulates the filter and delay parameters using a filtered form of the output signal itself. The modulation happens dynamically, potentially at audio rates. When the rates are slow, this is similar to a phaser or flanger effect. When the rates are high, all bets are off. The chirping, throbbing sounds can lock into subharmonics of the audio, producing responsive flurries of sidebands.

How it sounds:
I recorded the same clip through a number of different settings on the plugin, to show some of the combinations that are possible.

The settings were:
1) clean, low res phaser (manually modulated), no delay
2) low saturation, hi res phaser (manually modulated), no delay
3) hi saturation, low res phaser (manually modulated), no delay
4) no saturation, no phaser, low delay
5) no saturation, no phaser, low delay (manually modulated)
6) low saturation, hi res phaser (manually modulated), hi delay (manually modulated)
7) low saturation, low res phaser, no delay, low wobble
8) low saturation, low res phaser, no delay, high wobble
9) low saturation, low res phaser, low delay, medium wobble
10) high saturation, high res phaser, high delay, high wobble (!!!)

And finally, I've recorded a track using 3 of these puppies in an aux network:

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