Unsound Festival Workshops!

The Unsound Festival has been rocking Poland since 2003 as a hub for experimental music in east Europe. This year, Unsound comes to NYC.

It's a ten-day event, spread across many venues, hosting an international lineup of eclectic acts from noise to house music. Quoted from the press release:

Acts confirmed to appear at Unsound Festival New York include 2562 (Netherlands), ACME (USA), Pavel Ambiont (Belarus), Vince Aletti (USA), Borne (USA), Blondes (USA), Kabir Carter (USA), Eric Cloutier (USA), Carl Craig (USA), Marcin Czubala (Poland), David Daniell (USA), Vladislav Delay (Finland), Ensemble LPR (USA), Falty DL (USA), Groupshow (Jan Jelinek, Andrew Pekler, Hanno Leichtmann) (Germany), Tim Hecker (Canada), Luke Hess (USA), Ezekiel Honig (USA), Mike Huckaby (USA), Petre Inspirescu (Romania), Jacaszek (Poland), Jan Jelinek (Germany), Kadebostan (Germany), Alexander Kaline (USA), Konque (USA), Kwartludium (Poland), Legowelt (Netherlands), Hanno Leichtmann (Germany), Alan Licht (USA), Lillevan (Germany), Sebastian Meissner (Germany), Moritz Von Oswald Trio (Germany), Mountains (USA), Nadja (Canada), Neurotic Drum Band (USA), Newworldaquarium (Netherlands), nsi. (Germany), Joshua Ott (USA), Andrew Pekler (Germany), Tristian Perich (USA), Derek Plaslaiko (USA), Pole (Germany), Barbara Preisinger (Germany), Dave Q (USA), DJ Qu (USA), Radian (Austria), Lee Renaldo (USA), Simon Reynolds (USA), Patrick Russell (USA), Sawako (USA / Japan), Anthony “Shake” Shakir (USA), Sepalcure (USA), Michael J. Schumacher (USA), Mike Servito (USA), Jacek Sienkiewicz (Poland), Spinoza (USA), Asa Stjerna (Sweden), Morton Subotnick (USA), Tape (Sweden), Tobias. (Germany), TRG (Romania), Untold (UK), Levon Vincent (USA), Xavier Van Wersch (Netherlands), Bora Yoon (USA), Zavoloka (Ukraine) and Zenial (Poland), and more.

This is going to rule.

In addition to these performances by some of the movers and shakers in modern music, there will be seminars and workshops on a variety of related topics, scattered throughout the week.

Several ITP heads (including yours truly) will be leading a set of kids-only (12-17) workshops on electronic music. These events will be hosted at Harvestworks, where kids will learn about the underlying physics behind sound, learn how to make electronic instruments from everyday objects, transform light and mechanisms into sound, dive into signal processing, and eventually perform a concert with us at Le Poisson Rouge, where we'll open for a stellar lineup of Mountains, Tape, Radian, and Tim Hecker! Here are the dates & times:

Sunday February 7th - 11 am - 5 pm @ Harvestworks
Monday February 8th - 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm @ Harvestworks
Tuesday February 9th - 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm @ Harvestworks
Wednesday February 10th - 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm - live performance @ (Le) Poisson Rouge

From the press release:

Sunday: Creative Amplification.

Workshop 1: unfolding the basic physics of sound with contact microphones, creating and discovering "tiny" sounds from hands-on demos of materials, and learning how a contact microphone is made.
Workshop 2: translating light into sound using light sensors (photocells). Learning how to make tones and rhythms from lights
Jam session 1: students are encouraged to play, invent, create, and address individual ideas with instructors.

Monday: Mechanisms Workshop.

learn to create "noise" and rhythm-makers out of simple gears. Build your own mechanical gear set (materials provided) and then add materials to it to change the sounds it makes. Then amplify it using the electronic components from sunday's workshop and see what new sounds emerge!

Tuesday: Enhancing, Effecting, and Composition.

Instructors will provide an array of effects pedals and techniques for looping, delaying, distorting, and turning sounds into musical compositions.
Jam session 2: small groups will create and practice a short performance for Le Poisson Rouge the following day; instructors will be assigned to assist each group

Wednesday: public performance

at (Le) Poisson Rouge (same bill as Radian, Tape, Mountains, Tim Hecker)

Children ages 12-17 can participate.
Space is limited so please sign up ASAP.
Enrollment is $25 per child.

to sign up please send a paypal payment of $25 to - icemachine82@yahooo.com After payment is received Kids Electronic Music Workshop organizers will send you further information and forms.
Deadline to enroll is January 29th 2010.

Thank you, Lori, for making this happen (and letting me be a part of it)! We're all very excited to hear what sounds come out of these workshops! This festival will surely break down barriers of genre, location, and age in the name of new sounds and ideas!

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  1. Hi there! Glad you're into it. Actually, there are two follow ups.

    This one covers the workshops, and this one covers the final performance.

    Enjoy! Thanks for reading!


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