two new compositions

1.) play silences of various durations. if you make a sound, you have made a mistake. make mistakes.

this by no means needs a computer for its realization. i can imagine ways of implementing it with musicians playing 'traditional' instruments, or, better still, non-musicians trying to be as silent as possible while performing an activity that is very difficult to do silently. personally, i picture carrying large amplified pieces of sheet metal, on rollerskates, blindfolded. or something to that effect. realized for a network of computers, i imagine a client sending messages over UDP (or some such protocol which does not enforce a handshake). the messages, if they are received, keep the network silent. errors can be handled in one of two ways: either an error causes the client to send a non-silent message to the server(s), or the silent messages have a limited effective duration which wears off after some time, allowing sounding to happen. in the first paradigm, the silent packets have no interpretation coherent to the observer, whereas in the second they have a negative impact on some running soundmaking process. other realizations are acceptable as well; i'm going to start with those two.

2.) find all the unique words in a lexicon that contain a particular grapheme set, sort them using some orthographic method (such as alphabetical, reverse-alphabetical, etc) and say them. so for example if my source is the above text, and my grapheme set were "he", the result would be: "coherent either grapheme other sheet the them they whereas". ideally the text is spoken without affect and without pause. in cases where the set is longer, and breathing becomes necessary, several solutions present themselves. multiple performers may be synchronized, tape may be utilized to remove pauses, or the speech can be synthesized. my first realization of this piece took the form of a very simple bash script, which uses the digitized oxford english thesaurus as its lexicon, and the grapheme set "our":
cat /usr/share/dict/words | grep "our" | say

several solutions to different grapheme sets may be intoned simultaneously.  another particularly beautiful grapheme set is "ht".

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