tubby vs schrod: round I

It's the dub spring champion versus the great wavelet hope.

Ok that wasn't very funny.

There's a new piezo oscillator on tubby, so one spring is doubled up. It's a crazy loud piezo that has three leads instead of two. Weird. It's also super fat.

Also in the video note my new workspace. I sprawl out on the floor to do my electronics stuff, so this way I can have my computer and soldering iron elevated and at a safe distance from one another. Also the giant magnet in the back of my amp is a comfortable distance from my computer now.

Schrod is a thing I'm working on that decomposes incoming sound into note events via a 165 node constant-q filterbank. The current note events are microsounds derived from banded noise and 16 cycles of a sinewave, tuned to the same frequency, with an expodec envelope. I might use some of the audio from this bout for reverb/feedback convolution purposes later. His name is Schrod because of the cat.

My initial intention was to make both units autonomous and separate. I think I will still aim for that, although that's not what just happened. What just happened? ...Oh yeah I made that video.

So in the video (note the tasteful 'merlot' colored velour jogging suit) I am sending Tubby vibrations with a three piezo oscillator. That's the circuit board with the three knobs and the disks that are all up in Tubby's dreads. The smaller circuit board whose power bus is connected to the oscillators' is the driver circuit for the fourth feedback piezo, whose input is an aux send from the mixer. This is basically the same as before but with a third oscillator.

Schrod simply analyses the sound coming from Tubby and tries to re-create it with his arsenal of microsounds. "Tries" is the operative word. He's really not very sophisticated right now (he ignores amplitude) but in terms of time and frequency domain accuracy he's better than anything I've ever coded. I'm also stoked that I am getting individual note events out of him, and that he's not a note event in and of himself. That's a conceptual thing that's taken me a really long time to arrive at. Expect to see more of Schrod, or at least some of his kin. He's the prototype for the first generation of cluster patches. Enough about that.

I also have SChrod runing thru the mixer with Tubby. This gives me more freedom to control their relative levels, but additionally gave me the unexpected option of sending SChrod thru Tubby. Which I did. So in the first little bit of the video where I'm tapping the springs I'm trying to get that feedback coefficient just right.

Supercollider crashes a little before the end of the match, so I guess Tubby wins... THIS TIME. He's a tough motherfucker though; I don't see how mere software is supposed to outlast FULL POWER TUBBER-WAREZZ!!!

ps-- we were pretty loud.  you were warned.

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