tub luv

so i gave my tub some luvin today. i'm making him talk. the hex schmitts IC i put in did the trick. I initially had made a three oscillator piezo instrument with pots for each frequency but I got way more out of it when I put one of the piezos on a driver circuit coming out of an aux send on my mixer. now there are two pulse oscillator piezos, one for each of tubby's medium springs, and one feedback channel piezo on his largest spring. now he can talk just fine, and listen as well. I use the pots (my black metal bbe knob heads on a smoother pot) to change the frequency of the pulses, and when I find a sweetspot the feedback piezo goes nuts and tubby talks back. It is very much like a conversation and much less like an instrument or a sound effect. I think an interesting idea would be to use my newfound automaton as a model for a supercollider patch. This way, there would be three performers, where only one of them is human. Supercollider could make neat visualizations happen, too, if I chose to go there... at this juncture anyway. I have to remember this must be done in a week. Could happen tho.

I am suddenly ok with the reintroduction of a computer because I am thinking of the sculpture as a single entity, just as the computer would be, and just as schmitt and I are. It would be totally sweet if the mixer didn't have to be used, but I think it's the best way to keep noise in the system manageable. otherwise we'd have a repeat of the set at Jake's. Not that I didn't enjoy the feedback self-oscillating and not acting like a filter at all, but it would have been nice to have some say in the matter. anyway, that's where the idea came from, so whatever. that's what it's about, I guess.

It departs from Tudor and looks at Behrman. There are also several helpings of Nick Collins. I would like the computer element to perhaps comment on Roads or Xenakis. It would be nice if the visuals were some kind of A-Lifey fractal thing, but that might be pushing it for next week.

I like this process much better than how I've been going about things in the past. It all springs from trying shit out, not just arm-chairing it. It's sort of like user-testing, in a way, but I think the whole framework of design has a tendency to bleed out the poetry and anarchy. I would rather think of it as a deep listening / friendly experiencer / shut-the-f*ck-up-and-try-it kind of user-testing.

tubby and i took a shower


here's the hot liquid glory

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