They Shoot Lasers, Don't They?

I'm playing a show at CCRMA with Adam Tinkle on February 9th. We will be projecting standing waves, amplifying balloons, and jamming out on microprocessors.

Adam Tinkle and I have an ongoing collaborative project called Creosota. We are responsible for a wide variety of electro-acoustic disturbances.

From the Stanford event write-up:

Electroacoustic musicians and sound sculptors Adam Tinkle and Joe Mariglio -- collectively known as Creosota -- explore the visual, sonic, and theatrical potentials of projected light, vibrated fluids, and laser microphony, in works inspired by Interferometry. Interferometric techniques are best known for their use in Cold War-era spying. Shine a laser at a window, measure the displacement of the reflection -- poof, you have the sound of the conversation occurring inside the room.

Creosota are responsible for recorded artifacts, interactive installations, and long durational performance installations. Their sculpture, the Shantytown Scrapblaster, was permanently installed at the MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego in 2014. Their collaborations date back to 2005, during studies with Anthony Braxton, Alvin Lucier, and Ron Kuivila, at Wesleyan University. From 2010 to 2013, they led the Universal Language Orchestra, an ensemble of elementary school-aged musical novices who improvised on, and composed for, invented instruments.

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