the data and tension - 7A-D

finally, after all manner of disasters, i have 4 fully functional vocal pieces. all using the same text, this complex represents the 20th generation of a rigorous genetic algorithm whose fitness function takes an average over 32 scenarios. in a tested setting, piece 7A should be the most likely to continue indefinitely, since its average running time was 72,167.65625 turns. each generation of the algorithm spanned 32 possible pieces, and tested them 32 times to get a reasonable average for the fitness function. given the wide variation in output, however, i wouldn't mind it if future generations applied some other filtering techniques to punish inconsistency. right now, though, i feel good about these four. they not only test well, but they look good too, imho: i have come up with a rough draft of filled in verbal 'content'. from here, i'll probably pick one of the four (most likely 7A but you never know) and i'll spend the rest of my time tweaking it until it's just right. i also have to leave some time in to find a group and rehearse. my current plan is to have this piece comprise a large portion of my thesis talk-- a pretty risky move, considering how many other things i'm doing that i could talk about. i really don't want to address the thesis paper directly, and i think a lot of the concepts are better seen from a multi-resolutioned perspective. hey-- it's that or show documentation footage. this seems more enjoyable for my audience.

still unclear if i'll project the entire text or just the rulesets. the rulesets all happen to be nice and oblique for system 7, so if it stays that way, i may just project the rules to the audience and let the more prose like stuff lean on the conversational side.

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