that the cessation of suffering is attainable

otherwise known as the third Noble Truth, of four Truths the Shakyamuni Buddha brought to us after his experience under the Bodhi tree. in Pali, this concept is summed up by a single word: nirodha.
in addition to pointing to this salient idea, nirodha is also the name of one of my computers. it is part of a cluster of four computers, the other three of which are named after the other Noble Truths. the cluster as a unit is called the cattri, Pali for "the Four." more information on my cluster can be found here. nirodha's hard drive failed during an installation of Sanction of the Victim, a LAN composition that involves running processes that are directly at odds with one another. since all the computers in the cattri are more or less identical in hardware, and since i have a ton of identical spare parts and identical spare computers lying around, i decided to ghost dukkha (that there is suffering), over ethernet, into a new machine, renaming it nirodha.

to begin, i used a live cd for knoppix v5.1.1 because later versions apparently don't come with sshd installed. since i still have no WAN connection for my cattri router, i needed to use a livecd that would be ready to go without using apt. plus i like knoppix.
while this version of knoppix came with sshd already installed, i needed to generate the host keys and start the daemon. i kept running into the following error: "could not load host keys." finally, i just went through the gui and started sshd using their menu option, but not before generating the host keys.
running off the livecd, i used dd over netcat to ghost dukkha's drive. the command pair i used was:
(target): nc –l –p 7000 | gzip –dfc | sudo dd of=[TARGET_HARD_DRIVE_NAME]
(source): sudo dd if=[SOURCE_HARD_DRIVE_NAME] | gzip -cf | nc [TARGET_IP] 7000 –q 10

i started the target code first, because it acts as a listener. there's no visual output (!) while this process happens. my pair did it in 1742.15 seconds, at a rate of 11.4 MB/s.
after rebooting nirodha into the ghosted drive, the machine was an exact clone of dukkha. well, almost exact. the ethernet interface for some reason had gotten renamed from 'eth0' to 'eth1.' evidently this is common with ghosting and no one knows why. check out post #14 on this board. using ' ifconfig -a ' i found the device and renamed it in /etc/network/interfaces.
finally, to change the hostname from dukkha to nirodha, i ran the following (from this documentation):

hostname nirodha
sudo echo "nirodha" > /etc/hostname
sudo /etc/init.d/ start

and now i have a new computer! ^.^

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