tdat performance today!!!

I can't wait!  This is actually turning out to be more fun than terrifying.  For a while there, it was pretty terrifying...

I found a group of ITP students who seem to like doing the piece, and do it well.  They are: Elizabeth Fuller, Ted Hayes (Tedb0t), Lee-Sean Huang, and Kristen Smart.  I could not have asked for a better group, to be honest.

Our first performance will be today at 12:30 and I am totally psyched and not at all terrified.  The project site may be found here.

The text that we have settled on is technically version 8A, although this is misleading because between version 6 and 7, and version 7 and 8, are a very large number of simulated versions that were never tried by humans.  That number is even larger for the 'demo' versions a and b, which may not end up happening at all.  At least the genome files are intact for the demo versions, so they can be pored through and represented / appropriated however anyone should see fit.  The entire genome for demo b, a trio, is available here.

The version we will be performing is available in pdf form here: rules, text.

I plan on making an audio recording of the debut.  I'll post it when I do.

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