Shanty Town Scrap Blaster

What if your walls were microphones and your ceiling was a speaker? Your whole house would be a musical instrument!

You could drum on the walls, which would act like big, boomy bass drums, and if you plugged a microphone into the “speaker” that is your roof, you’d hear your shingles shaking loose with every note you sang. And, if you sent the mic signal from the walls to the ceiling-speaker, the whole house would feed back like a guitar leaned up against an amplifier.

The Shanty Town Scrap Blaster, by Joe Mariglio and Adam Tinkle, is a room-sized, interactive sound system. Thanks to its flexible design, a turn of a knob can change its function from a immersive listening chamber, to a bowable, strikable, bendable percussion instrument, to a self-propelled, amplified windchime.

Kids experiencing the Great Tin Din...

At Take Back the Alley 3.0, artists and volunteers will work together to install the basic structural and sonic architecture. But in the future, it will be just one node in a network of amplified sounds moving around the neighborhood, with phone booths connecting the alley and the street with the sculpture and with the internet. The Shanty could host site-specific compositions by MACSd students. And, from the hyper-local to the global, a proposed control module for the Shanty would allow control of its function through the internet.

Here's where the Shanty will be installed at MACSd.

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