savage altruism

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in this improvisation, i was exploring the convolution of particulate sounds; looking for unique ways of generating impulses to convolve with responses to derive grains. one trick i stumbled upon is a way to produce harmonic distortion by convolving a sound with an low-passed, soft-clipped impulse. this effect emphasizes odd harmonics and sounds similar to decimation. another trick i played with was to dynamically change the size of the convolution window, to get different sized grains.

for the interested / critical, i have a few words on why i sometimes do this kind of work. these pieces are studies. i am honing my skills for both my own satisfaction and ideally for the enjoyment of the interested. eventually, all this work will prove useful when it comes time to work on something else. while these pieces offer very little narrative on their own, they are usually inspired by events or emotions that are completely unrelated to the techniques they showcase. i attempt to hint at these more subtle origins with titles. while i recognize this activity to be essentially flawed or incomplete, i find most communicative activity to be so as well. the brief, shallow pleasure of 'self expression,' a phrase i have come to despise, is actually what drives these studies. video artist paul chan would call this 'the cheap thrill of understanding.'

'savage altruism' could be an act of kindness that is ultimately undertaken for the sake of the person who undertook it, ie flattery. it could also be an act of utter cruelty performed for the sake of the victim it is inflicted upon, ie euthanasia. either case requires a fair amount of self-deception on the part of the altruist.

i am unsure of the extent to which savage altruism comprises social behavior.

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  1. Great. I arrived here on a trip that started with googling "supercollider meditation" which turned up 3spds_winter_and_bloom_part_2 which after some more exploring turned up this.

    I'll explore from here....

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