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i wrote much of today's patch on the bus back to NYC.  i'd done some experiments in the past using sc3's JITlib to make recursive patterns, so i decided to start there and see where i ended up.  i kind of like where that paradigm took me, especially with the drums.  i'll definitely be revisiting it in the future.

* * *

here's a recording of a somewhat cleaner version of that patch.  i removed some of the reverb from the low end and softer bits.  (thanks to randall for the suggestion!)  by adding a gate before the reverb, and then mixing the original (ungated) material with it, i was able to make the quieter parts drier.  to remove some of the low end muck, i used a 2nd order high-pass filter before the control signal for the gate.  this way, the low end has to work harder to open the gate. in sc3:

SynthDef(\master, {|in = 16, out = 0, wet = 0.125, thresh = 0.1|
var input, signal;
input =[in, in+1]);
signal =,, 1600), thresh, 10, 1, 0.01, 0.01);
signal =[[0], signal[1], 1, 0.7, 0.9)*(wet**2), input*((1-wet)**2)]);
signal =, 0.9);, signal)

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