Recordings of Water Surface Vibrations, part II

I have made a number of recordings with iterations of the laser microphone array I am developing!

As time goes on, I have been able to include an increasing number of channels to the array. I am currently at six, although no six channel recordings yet exist, as I am currently swamped with other projects. I have, however managed to make this recording with four channels:

This recording was made with a dish of water, sitting on top of a vibrating plate. The mics are pointed at various locations on the surface of the water. The plate is used like a speaker, and sends a mix of the four independent mic channels back into the water. The result is a feedback network, which can be made to self-oscillate. By changing the position of the mics along the water, or the mix of the mic channels being sent to the plate, or even by affecting the water physically, such as by blowing across the surface or using an eyedropper to make quick impulses on the surface, I can change the steady state of the oscillations, resulting in a rich source of complex textures and sounds.

Here is a single channel recording which uses some of those "more physical" techniques:

There are several sessions of these to sift through. As soon as I finish mixing them, I will post more music. Also, I have some impulse responses to analyse. Another update will come very soon!

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