I'm currently trying to get my improvisation chops down in the context of both live coding and live circuit building. To this end, I have been practicing every day for at least 45 minutes using superCollider to perform with code as it is written. I have been studying the JIT (just-in-time) library of superCollider and hope to eventually master this dark art. Today I expanded into the analogue world: while I was practicing with sc3, I decided to put together a handheld pulse oscillator with a preamp so it could be operated from a single 9-volt battery and play through a speaker I found in the trash somewhere. I love standalone stuff like this. Of course, anytime I do something like this successfully I am not documenting it, and anytime I'm documenting it I'm either failing or I'm trying to reproduce something that happened spontaneously. Ah well. I'll eventually get better so I can produce pearls on demand. Anyway, here's a video of me presenting today's practice session while staring creepily at the webcam.

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