new compositions online

I have uploaded several new compositions onto my server. They include the following:

livecoding practices in superCollider:

meditation on beat frequencies (somewhat slow at first):

livecoding 0

meditation on additive synthesis (particularly primes):

livecoding 1

meditation on just intonation (and tuning systems that reflect the timbre of the instruments playing them):

livecoding 2

meditation on modulation (and a healthy dose of feedback):

livecoding 3

meditation on chaotic maps (specifically the "gingerbread man" 2D map):

livecoding 4

scrambled data and header trickery on a sample of Wagner's infamous "Tristan Chord":

data scramble 0

data scramble 1

data scramble 2

data scramble 3

Data transformations include header changes, mp3 codec bending, multi-resolution substitution.

I used soundhack for header changing, iTunes (blech) for the mp3 codec, and textEdit for the substitution.

I will make a habit to continue posting / recording my livecoding improvisations because I think it's good practice. Also that keeps me honest in terms of not screwing up and recompiling the class library mid sesh. Also it's just good to hear yourself when you practice so you find out what you're good at and what needs work. Personally I'm just getting started with this but I think my main problem is that it's hard to make the first few minutes interesting if I have to start with a blank document. I think I'll allow myself to reference other code, as long as it's copied into that new document and altered to fit into the context of the sesh. I also really like having the improvisations be structured around an idea, formal or otherwise, because the limitation gives me something to try to work around. I hope to become adept enough with my analogue components to build electro-acoustic instruments on the fly as well.

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