mulch, dust, talc

so in addition to working yet another 8 hour shift, on less than 3 hours of sleep, installing security cameras in a manhattan apartment building, today i also drove for 4.5 hours to get to my parents' house in pennsylvania, arriving just before midnight.  still, i've made this hackpact, and i have every intention of keeping it.  just please forgive me if today's seems a little smaller in scale.

</preemptive apology>

i have updated my to allow for a randomly varying depth.  this breaks up some of the synchronicity of the resulting mulchy textures. previous versions of the code only allowed the user to select a single value for the depth parameter, which sounds a lot more angular and choppy when applied to a sample-level markov chain.  in the new alternate version, this value is a maximum.  the patch is a bit computationally intensive, especially when analyzing larger soundfiles, so the single-second field recordings i've been messing with are pretty ideal fodder.

i made a short audio sketch out of some material i got from this patch.  i'd like to revisit it sometime soon- i feel like i'm only scratching the surface of what it could do.  the sketch uses a single second from that night in berkeley.

you can look at the code here.

you can listen to the piece here.

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