mornings sit on roofs

every morning i spend in greenpoint, i climb onto the roof and sit for about an hour. i have been doing this since i moved into the place in july. my practice is nothing fancy, mostly just counting my breaths up to 21 - if i make it that far - and starting over. sometimes i repeat specific phrases.

the neighborhood is rather industrial. largely it consists of auto-body garages, construction shops, and the water treatment plant. the first thing i noticed about the area was the beautiful swirling hiss that the plant emits. on some days, the various metalworking machines pound polyrhythms, their origins confounded by their reverberations through the concrete.

the recording was made on a pair of binaural microphones. they can very closely simulate the experience of being there listening to the sounds they record. i recorded for just over an hour straight, and i left the recording completely unedited and unprocessed. it won't stay that way, but i wanted to start by presenting the entire hour untouched. unfortunately, it was somewhat windy today and the wind-guards couldn't keep everything out.

i truly enjoy these mornings. it was a pleasure bringing you along with me this time.

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