MLEF: the blended fetal eyeball paste tour

Last week, MOLTEN LAVA EYEBALL FIEND played a few shows in Texas and a show in New Mexico. We're calling this our first tour, although we really see it as a dry run for a much larger tour around SXSW. For the most part, the networking and brainstorming was invaluable to the EYEBALL FRIENDS. Also, it was really exciting to find new audiences that seemed to enjoy what EYEBALL FORNICATION is about. Several recordings exist that document this:

In Denton, TX, the FIENDS played with a local free jazz group called Feeding Ouroboros. They also played a true EYEBALL set which sadly was not recorded.

Martin Back- cymbal feedback
Andrew Miller- rhodes, am radio, toy organ
Jon Jackson- percussion
Felix Tellez- guitar
Michael Morgan- drum set
Adam Goodwin- upright bass, contact mics
Joe Mariglio- analog electronics, feedback, contact mics

The EYEBALL FOUNDATION set out a table of merch at each show. Everything's free!

Andrew's setup:

Jon's setup:

My setup:

In Austin, the FIENDS played a show at Club 1808 with stoner rock outfit ROO. I also played a duo set with longtime collaborator Rod O'Connor.

While we sadly were unable to record the gig itself, we managed to get Rod to play with us again at Alison and Jeremy's farm. Here Rod is playing an almost broken reel-to-reel tape deck with the FRIEND. Dog solo at ~47:00 courtesy of Pickle the dog.

Finally, in Albuquerque, we played a set at Winning Coffee Co. Albuquerque was amazing. We loved the people there, who were mostly complete strangers. They seemed to like our music too. I can't wait to play there again soon!

To be honest, this set is pretty different from most of our work, mainly because a lot of gear had begun to break / run out of batteries at the time of this show. It seems ironic that this show is the one we ended up recording successfully. It's significantly more groovy than our typical live sound, but personally I kind of like it for that reason.

Thanks to Adam for driving! And to all who let us crash at their dwellings! ...Including the mountain lion who decided we weren't worth the trouble! And to all the great bands we met & made noise with! &c &c...

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