metacompositional strategies emerge after petulant frenzy

i had to have my little existential crisis ('little' here is a relative term: it lasted a few weeks), but my strategy feels a bit more informed in terms of the use of technology. if i am able to locate my relationship with the medium i choose to realize a concept with, then the issues surrounding that realization become all the more clear. also, it saves me from making an artifact whose longevity is contingent upon preservation, like a fruit cake desiccated with freezer burn, or garish html from 1998.

that being said, while the 'crisis' component of this problem has been reduced, the problem itself remains. the key difference here is that i feel able to concentrate on things other than solving it, and my life doesn't feel totally meaningless despite the fact that i can't provide a succinct solution at the moment. this is largely an emotional development, not a theoretical one.

several solutions present themselves: text scores, flowcharts and transition matrices are at the top of the list.  in addition to those forms of notation, i can include software (along with its source), circuits (with schematics), and physical systems (CAD markups? text scores?).  i believe that more than anything, a broad spectrum of approaches should be tried and bred.  with any luck, i hope to find a hybrid system or two that are less conventional and ideally more elegant than any of the approaches listed above.  although that's an admittedly bold statement: the event-score is about as elegant as notation gets, in my book.  but it has its limitations, just like any other system.  a target hybrid system that i'd be satisfied with would not simply dismiss the tools as transient, nor would it attempt at being a universal connector, while at the same time it could stand abstracted from the tools that produced it and still make sense.

one never sees new colours.  cartographers of past centuries decorated the edges of their maps with monsters made of pieces of animals.  i will begin by looking into systems of notation that have come before, attempting to use them in practice, and researching their cultural interfaces.  meanwhile, i will be synthesizing these animal body parts into notational chimeras and minotaurs, careful that their playful forms match the statements made with them.

i don't know if i will end up finding anything that works for me.  i do know that any work i do for this masters will be just incomplete enough to continue playing with for that next degree, provided i'm not utterly sick of the topic.  so, perhaps the above may also be read as a statement of purpose.

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