lunar lounge unit R&D update

I've completed most of the soldering for the first edition lunar lounge unit.  I am about to commence the testing and debugging phase of development.  I have a functional breadboarded version next to my workspace for reference.  Right now, the jacks and switch haven't been soldered to the unit and alligator clips give me connectivity.  I will probably wait until after the debugging phase, and possibly after I find and prepare some kind of enclosure for this thing, to solder those external components on.  I am considering adding a power indicating LED.  I'm not going to give this version to Devin, anyway.  I'd really like to encapsulate the unit into a true stompbox, and add some tone/mixing knobs for further control and variation.  Also, for the proper guitar version of this circuit I might add a pull-down resistor before the divider circuit, so it shuts up when there's no input instead of oscillating on its own.  For a sample of how it sounds, click here.  For more information about the concept, click here.

a wide shot of my testing setup.

a closeup on the unit itself.

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