lunar lounge demo

this is a demonstration of the current prototype of the lunar lounge pedal. it is the left channel of a recording of me playing "penelope" on a grand piano just about four years ago. "penelope" is a tune i wrote and arranged for the solo piano album i made that year. there were some handclaps in the recording, and i believe some small bells as well. the only thing that really survives the effect is my right hand. i also treated this demo after the fact with some fourier manipulations, just at the beginning and end, for some smoothness. i will probably put some kind of light-sensitive filter on the pedal for expressive / chaotic tone control. i decided that this pedal makes guitar players sound like reggie lucas, especially if a wah is used after it. the pedal has changed a bit since the last post: i added a second pre-amp inverter stage with a 10mega-ohm resistor across it to add some distortion, and some feedback capacitors to low-pass the incoming signal a bit.

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