kids & contact mics (ICMC Kids' Noise Workshops)

i am pleased to announce the launch of a workshop series for kids interested in electronic music!

more information (and tix!) available here.

in case you're too lazy to click the link, i'll repost the course description and syllabus here:

NOTE: THIS IS A 3-DAY Workshop! Make Sure you're able to attend All 3 Days: May 30th, June 6th and June 7th

May 30th 12p-3p
June 6th 12p-3p
June 7th 6p-9p

Concert @ The Tank on June 7th starting 8pm

Instructor: Joe Mariglio
Title: Kids and Contact Mics

Topics/Keywords: Electroacoustic for Kids, Noise, DIY, Signal Processing, Amplification, Sculptures

Students will participate in a series of interactive workshops that will elaborate on each other until their completion. The first stage establishes a foundation in a few of the technical and creative aspects of sound-making, while the second stage focuses on compositional strategies and collaborative performance. The empowering process of discovery underlies every section of the program, as the young participants establish an active role with the everyday technology that pervades their lives. Rudimentary physics and mathematics will be applied to the cooperative craft of composition and improvisation. All workshops will be replete with examples and live demonstrations to provide a launch pad for the students to explore their everyday environment with new tools of discovery, driven by their imagination.

Day 1: Amplification and Feedback

The first workshop will deal with the topics of piezo-electricity and amplification as a tool for creativity. Students will learn about basic physical properties, such as tension and mass, in the context of hunting for interesting noises produced with everyday objects, using contact microphones to amplify them and speakers to activate them. Special attention will be paid to discussing what each noise ‘sounds like,’ in an attempt to loosely categorize them. At the end of the session, students will choose their favorite sound and demonstrate it to the class. Students will be encouraged to find and bring in potentially interesting sound sources they’d like to amplify or activate.

Day 2: Listening, Processing, and Playing

The second workshop will begin with demonstrations of analog signal processing techniques. If the students are advanced enough and there is interest, it would be possible to introduce digital signal processing as well. Each student will create an instrument or palette they are especially interested in. The focus will be on allowing each student to find his or her unique voice. After a few listening exercises and discussions, the students will create a ‘dictionary’ for their emergent sound language. There will be a brief consensus about how to represent these sound types with drawings. We will then rehearse structured improvisations, conducted by one or several teachers.

Day 3: Final Concert!

Students will perform a collective structured improvisation using their hand-made instruments, loosely guided by the instructors. Depending on the group, this performance should last around fifteen minutes.

age range is flexible, generally between 6-16 years old.

Hooray!! You will probably notice some familiar faces if you witnessed our previous workshops, or the final performance. This was a life-changingly awesome experience for all involved last time, and we're utterly psyched to do it again! I am honored and very thankful that ICMC will have us this year. If you know someone who might be interested in this, please spread the word! <3<3<3 XD

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