kids and contact mics performance at the tank!

on june 7th, at 8pm, the icmc kids' noise workshops came to a close with a performance of some very heady electro-acoustic music, which spanned nearly 45 minutes.

since our group was pretty small this time, the instrumentalists - emil, 6, and race, 5.5 - decided to let the instructors - ted and me - perform along with them. we performed on new instruments homemade from junk, effects pedals, and contact mics. i also did a little live effects processing in supercollider to round out the mix. having such an intimate group also changed the performance dynamics quite a bit. we all sat around a table full of electronic equipment, quietly talking and listening as we improvised together. as amazing as ted was at conducting our last performance, our style this time around circumvented the need for a conductor entirely. we were able to coordinate together from the bottom up.

although we don't have a complete recording of our performance, we *do* have some shorter videos from various parties. here's a clip from my friends at eardrum nyc:

here's some more video from race's parents:

phil stearns took some excellent pictures of the entire conference (as he is wont to do ^_^ ) and has put them into his flickr stream. pix of us are at the beginning and end of the stream and they're super cute!

i am so very grateful to the tank for hosting our workshops, to ted for helping me run them, to the adventurous parents for taking a chance on our zany idea, and of course our participants for being totally rad!

ps for documentation of our previous workshops, check out these posts.

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