keith's function generator

click here to watch the video.

linked above is a demo of the first iteration of this compositional tool i'm developing for a client. the admittedly lame working title is "keith's function generator." this will most likely change as the development cycle progresses.

we decided early on that the layout should look and feel a lot like a mixer, since it's a familiar paradigm for keith. incidentally, that choice also makes life simpler for me because the requisite GUI primitives are readily available in SuperCollider/Cocoa.

it was important that this instrument provided a wide array of routing possibilities, while remaining simple and robust to operate. this required a few interesting (at least to me) programming sleights of hand, to ensure that all routing possibilities were useful and not destructive.

the intended application of this tool is not a performance interface, it is a compositional interface. this means that keith will use the program to generate preset files, and during performances he will select between these presets, rather than twiddling the virtual knobs on the fly as i do in the video. regardless, the video demonstrates basic tweaking, routing, and saving operations in the GUI.

click here to look at the source code.
(N.B. if you want to run the code on your own machine, you should take a look at this log file, where i list all the changes i'm making to the vanilla SC class library.)
click here to ogle over the screen shot.

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