improvisation on hacked reverb unit.

ah the yamaha r1000. possibly the worst digital reverb ever invented. it has four discrete settings which are labeled, cryptically, 1 through 4. it sounds nothing like reverb. it was a gift from my flatmate. i've been looking forward to hacking this thing for some time, and it has not disappointed me.

last night i almost killed it completely. i was messing with it manually and decided i wanted to use bare metal to bend the circuit instead of my hands. big mistake. everything got really cool for about fifteen seconds, and then all went dark and the sound got somewhat less cool. then it wouldn't fully turn back on. i rued the day.

today i woke up and tested the four fuses in the non-power-oriented part of the circuit, and found that all of them had been blown out. on replacing them, the unit sprang back to life. sort of. more accurately, its zombified body sprang into soulless action. it no longer works as a reverb unit- which it sucked at anyway, let's face it - and now only works as a hacked instrument. it's probably my favorite instrument in my rig now, if only because it's so massive and novel. i spent today isolating interesting regions on the circuit and getting some chops on the board. i practiced until my hands started bleeding and i had to stop. i still have a ways to go.

2 thoughts on “improvisation on hacked reverb unit.

  1. hey dude
    good to finally find some info on someone modding this piece of gear. do you have any tips on what's good to muck around with inside? i've been trying to find a schematic or service manual as well but can't find anything. mate, any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

  2. hey timl
    unfortunately, i killed it while i was bending. it still passes signal, and the eq's still work, so i still mess around with it from time to time, but the reverb unit itself has burned out. you're having trouble finding the manual? here's the owners' manual. in the back is a block diagram, but no schematic. service manual is available here, but it costs money to order... >_< hope that helps. jm

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