hubris, for tape

i have been playing with this reel-to-reel, which i fixed for one of my clients, for the past few days. it has been an amazing experience working with tape. for the recording, i used only analogue equipment, most predominantly, an ancient and tortured fostex mixer that i used for "no input" mixing. additionally, i used a hacked small stone analogue phaser, some commercial distortion pedal, and two of my own pedals: a distorted bandpass kind of thing, and an arpeggiating octave divider. there is also some amplified spring in there. when i finished the improvisation, i digitized several versions of the tape, with slight variations in mix, tape speed, and additional slinky reverb. i arranged these different versions so they would line up at some points, creating a manual flange / delay effect. truly beautiful things happen to tape when you overdrive it. the tone is so dark and warm. i'm considering recording some computer music to tape and re-digitizing it, just for the saturation. i don't want to give it back!


yeah -  that one pedal's housing is from an old-school motion detector.  that's the octave arpeggiator, otherwise known as the lunar lounge 2025.

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