heat escapes

click here to listen to the aiff.
click here to look at the code.

i made this one last night and promptly passed out while waiting for it to upload. i'll warn you that the code is messy and incomplete as this was a livecoding session. i didn't start recording at the beginning of the session, however, so i don't want to use the term 'livecoding' to describe what's going on here. perhaps the term 'improvisation' is more apt.

the sounds are made by causing filters to malfunction, and waveshaping the result. as you can see from the code, i'm using ringing and bandpass filters with frequencies around 1 hz. that's what i mean by 'causing filters to malfunction.' filters generally misbehave around these regions. i have quite a few in parallel (ie a filterbank) and two in series. the gamut of the filterbank, not that you can hear it as such, is based on a just tempered locrian mode.

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