half-songs carved from intimacy

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this piece is a further development of the material from this patch.  the samples i use here come from an extremely intimate source: the last night my partner and i spent together before she left me.  its liberating, in a way, for me to use this material to make something beautiful, and it kind of shocks me that i actually ended up documenting the event in the first place.  it's a little like how i described in a previous post about the method i used to gather the samples: the recordings are like jars of earth that sailors keep for long treks across the sea.  here, the process is one of sculpture in the sense of chipping away at masses of the material to derive shapes.  you can hear incomprehensible bits of candid speech, quiet artifacts of movement, and the motors and birds from the street outside the window in the small berkeley apartment.  from these sources, a fragile little half-melody almost shows itself, and then vanishes into the everyday.

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