hacked cd player

i was supposed to be cleaning, but as soon as i found this cd player, i instinctually fired up the soldering iron and started taking it apart.  like most traditions of torture, i tried to keep the device "alive" for as long as possible, testing it with some awful funk cd i found in the player.  once that got boring, i started short-circuiting out components and separating them from the main board.  the laser was the only thing i botched, and i suspect it happened when i desoldered it wrong.  ah well.  the lcd display and two motors were consolation enough.  i'll just have to be more careful next time.


all the components in a row...



the display definitely still works, and i'm considering making a sculpture with it.  not too solid on how it's going to work yet, but that will definitely be fun.

also i finally properly gutted my BBE case, and the top piece fits very nicely on a slant, allowing me access to whatever circuits i put inside.  also there are tons of perfectly sized holes for knobs and jacks and even a pretty little "on/off" switch!


it's like a convertible!


now all it needs is a new paint job...

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