give me everything.

on thursday, october 28th, this piece made its debut at brooklyn college for their biannual "international electroacoustic music festival." despite the fact that i couldn't be there in person, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to have it premier in brooklyn, due to the subject matter. i'd been planning this piece for two years, and it was awesome to finally see it through to completion.

download link.

the m train curves north at myrtle avenue, separating from the j and z lines. the turn is sharp, completing overhead in a single block. the sound material for this piece comes from clamping piezo disks to the support struts of the track. the shapes come from high resolution photographs of the tracks and guard rails on this turn.

i spent a year in bushwick, living right on the tracks, the third floor of my building. sparks would illuminate my apartment on nights when i left the curtains open. the trains were my loving captors. i was their hostage.

thanks to dawid wiacek for the photographs.









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