events as entities

from an old dream journal, undated entry:

"I do not trust human history.  Child mind regards events as entities, separate from their historic relationships, existing in their own terms."

my dreams were weird last night.  actually, i had none.  then i woke up with jenny's alarm and fell back into a light dreamy state for maybe an hour.  in that hour i had incredibly vivid experiences.  i woke up disoriented.  in addition to my practice, which now encompasses my daily life in ways it could not while i was bound to the idea of rarified space, i have been phasing in the daily logging of my dream life- something i haven't done regularly in years.  already, i like what it has done for me.  from today:

"In NIME.  I am doing my presentation for a prototype.  It has somewhat changed so that now all it does is cut large slices of swiss cheese and dispense it to people with a glass of ginger ale.  Mike says he's disappointed that I had made such a change in my concept.  I tell him that I disagree that such a change has occurred at all:

'It is either about the role of composer, and the actions and practices that encompass composition, or it is about cutting cheese.'"


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