Creosota is an electro-folk project featuring Adam Tinkle on guitar and vocals, and Joe Mariglio on laptop & contact mics. Their live sound often incorporates complex rhythms, bluesy folk idioms, field recordings, and massive vocal textures. Skittering glitch-hop beats co-mingle with fingerpicked guitar and the sounds of distant (sometimes not-so-distant) trains.

etape by Creosota

They play their own compositions as well as reinterpreting songs old and new. Adam and Joe have extremely diverse musical backgrounds, and their shifting, thoughtful aesthetic reflects this. This album is Creosota's debut, and already their performances have begun to move into new territories. There is ample room for further exploration.

This recording was performed live in the Acoustics Lab in San Diego, CA on August 15th. It was sculpted, mixed and mastered at Tanglezone Farm, in the workshop of Joe Mariglio and in the Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD. It was truly a labor of love.

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