for today's hackpact, i made a new distortion effect, starting with the circuit from last night as a base.  this circuit is a bit less stable, and it's harder to tell exactly what's going on sonically.  it sounds a bit like a ring mod with a filter that occasionally self-oscillates.  it's still very simple in terms of design, but its tone is more complex.  here's the schematic:

to make the previous circuit, simply replace the photoresistor that connects the input to ground (the one at the top of the schematic) with a 220 MΩ resistor, and remove the 220 μF capacitor.

i tested this circuit with the same amplified kalimba from the previous post.  what a fun instrument!  i added a few delays in supercollider:

{Limiter.ar(Mix.ar([CombC.ar(SoundIn.ar(0), 2, [8/7, 6/5], 32), Mix.ar([CombC.ar(SoundIn.ar(0), 1, 1, 16), SoundIn.ar(0!2)])]), 0.9)}.play;

click here to listen to part one.

click here to listen to part two.

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