Daubechies Wavelet Distortion / Delay VST's

I have made a few VST plugins that make use of Daubechies 4 Wavelet transforms for time/frequency localized dynamics processing and multi-scale delay. Both plugins posted below were compiled for OSX 10.4 or later.

The first one is a bit easier to use (and a bit prettier to look at). It limits you to only one feedback and time coefficient for the delay. Notice however, that the actual delay times (in seconds) of each layer of the transform is unique and rationally related to the others. You can download the source here. The GUI background is a color treated photo of copper striations in ferric chloride. (Etching circuit boards in my bathtub again... I'm not sorry.)

The second is a bit uglier to look at but offers more fine grained control over each delay time / feedback amount. Once you get the hang of the first one, I recommend you look at this plugin because it's a lot more flexible. You can download here.

Both plugins use a windowed, optimized version of the filtering algorithm found in "Numerical Recipes in C". You can find the public domain components of their code here.

2 thoughts on “Daubechies Wavelet Distortion / Delay VST's

  1. i'm curious what it sounds like. i know this is a "lame" question. but it would be nice to hear some audio. there's too many source codes online that are either uncompiled, or without audio samples. thank you. matthew

  2. Matthew-
    are you kidding? that's probably the most important question you could ask! not lame at all.
    i have no "vanilla" examples of the plugin acting alone, but i used it extensively in this space opera: http://www.joemariglio.com/blog/seven-tragedies-of-spacetravel/ . for example, you can hear it pretty clearly in Part One, starting around 7:50. it's supplying those grainy, aliased washes of delays.
    this post is almost 5 years old. i've since moved on from wavelets (after about a decade of tinkering) and i no longer support this project. however, it should be fairly straight-forward to rip out the processing code and transplant it into a JUCE project (or something similar) to result in a running binary. i've occasionally thought about doing that, or even rewriting it from scratch, as i'm a much better programmer now. but then my decongestant wears off and i remember i have a solar mass of higher priority projects in my queue.
    anyway, thanks for visiting! i may or may not be snooping through your bandcamp now... (LA, huh? i'm in San Diego myself. hit me up!)

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