Crunchy Sonic Robot Attacks Psytrance Festival!

Balu is a light sensitive sound synthesis agent.

Mostly he enjoys squonking at the sky, attempting to communicate with extra-terrestrials. He knows that many of these beings like to attend psytrance festivals out in the woods, so Balu bought a ticket to Gaian Mind, packed up his few personal possessions, and warbled his way to southern PA.

There, he was tested with many strange occurrences. His mind was brought nearly to the brink of sanity (even for a CMOS logic chip!) as the overwhelming synchronicity he had been feeling turned out to be the impending singularity of all beings. Of course, when Balu stared into the sun, his circuits became so excited that almost no one could hear his yelps. No one, that is, except for the machine-elves...

In the cool of the night, Balu's mind would drift into rhythmic cells of shifting phases and pulsetrains. Ever the trickster, his strategies changed with each life-form he contacted: no two beings elicited the same response from Balu.

At this point it is safe to assume he has returned to his home in Brooklyn, to bring the top of the mountain down and disseminate his message of evolution and bliss.

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