concept art for crudspds ginormous thing!!

crudspds ginormous thing will be installed at bent 2010!!! stay tuned for updates!!!

the crudspds ginormous thing is an interactive installation by steve litt and me. it will consist of eight self-amplified, electro-acoustic trash sculptures that are activated by steve's crudbox sequencer. since the crudspades ginormous thing derives its sound from amplified physical objects, the user can appreciate the source of the sounds and control them intuitively, creating a wide range of noises. the sound sculptures are constructed from recycled junk, both as a statement of resistance to the throw-away culture that created them, and to subvert their iconic visual language into objects of creative empowerment.

the ‘brain’ of the crudspades ginormous thing is the crudbox, an open-source diy step sequencer designed to turn other devices on or off. instead of playing sampled sounds or controlling a synthesizer, the crudbox works by simply sending power to one of eight outputs. plug any device into an output channel, and that device can be sequenced in a manner instantly recognizable to electronic music fans everywhere. two or more crudboxes can be synced over midi, for virtually endless possibilities.

the sculptures are each unique in look and behavior. they are all brightly colored, dumpster-dived, electro-acoustic instruments that either generate enough sound acoustically, or contain embedded amplifiers and speakers. while most of these objects come already set up, a few of them will be made available for the user to experiment with. this way, the installation will not only serve as a source of passive entertainment, but of active collaboration.

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