cold war fuzz

click here to listen to the wave file.

the above pedal is basically a squelchy octave-drop fuzz effect, with a fair amount of self-modulation and hard-clipping due to the silicon diodes used. the fuzz tone component and the octave-drop component both make use of cmos logic ic's, which is part of the reason why the octave drop is so easily fooled and modulates around.

the pedal has no bypass: the switch literally turns it on or off. at some point during testing, the unit was passing signal through without needing to be connected to power, however this is no longer the case. the three knobs are, from top (big red) to bottom: input gain, ???, output gain. a very nonlinear effect, the pedal's knob settings interact with each other and the source material in unpredictable ways.

i have tested this beast on guitars, electric pianos, and synths. a previous version also sounded great on bass and vocals. i love the inhuman, 8-bit sound of the dropped octaves. the fuzz is surprisingly smooth and complex. the build is also pretty solid. who wants one??

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