cattri surgery

Over the summer, Mike and I determined it would probably be a good idea to disassemble his five node baby cluster and let me integrate them into the Cattri. Seeing as most of my development thus far has involved a single remote server, Dukkha, not to mention the fact that the introduction of more nodes would necessitate the purchase of a switch, we decided to take each computer apart and organize the guts for spares. I think he kept a hard drive as well. Anyway it's great to know that anytime a part goes, there are plenty of identical replacements for me to choose from. We also kept one whole computer intact, just in case.

This change in supplies allowed me to double the RAM capacity of the cluster. It wasn't particularly ballsy before, just 1 gig for the whole four nodes. But this seemed to be enough to run well-optimized granular processes, even those using buffers stored in memory. I have two gigs of ram on my laptop, which is itself a dual-core "cluster," but that's not quite the point. The point is that each node now has 512 mb of ram to work with.

Taking the cluster apart also gave me the opportunity to do a little cleaning. I got to the cable-salad first; later when I had each machine open on my workbench, I was able to clean some of the dust out. The mixer also has been cleaned up a little, and just rewiring the whole thing gave me the chance to think about routing matrix I want to build this semester. To have a performance where the signal path is dynamic and programmatically accessible also lends itself to the possibility of visualization. I am really intrigued by the idea of network topology being analogous to the surfaces of manifolds. Of course, these would often be objects that could never extend into the four dimensional container as given by our senses but they could be represented as shifting, animated projections. A dedicated "projector node?" Now we're talking.

It's a guurlll!

This is what Marga looks like on the inside. I love the pink circuitboard hottness. Marga means "The way leading to the cessation of suffering," the fourth Noble Truth. She has a white case and the nicest cables of the four. I figured she's a lady, so she has to look classy, especially given she's outnumbered by the boyz.

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