alright, so nobody's perfect. when i drew up my board layouts in the last post, i made a few mistakes which prevented the initially stuffed boards from working. most of these mistakes are super embarrassing because they're pretty obvious. i will attempt to write these out linguistically, and eventually i will get around to actually drawing up a new board layout that implements these changes. refer to the schematic for the part numbers and their place in the topology.

  1. connect the output of the 741 (pin 6) to the cold lead of c2!
  2. connect the collector of q1 to ground!
  3. the values of c3 and c4 got switched!

in the meantime, i've made corrections on the boards with some extra holes and a few jumpers. this is a suitable fix for me right now, since the installation will be going up in less than a month.

this reminded me of my love of accidents. here are some pictures of boards i was etching that became art along the way, by accident:

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