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this is a recording of the cattri, my cluster, "performing" (read: generating in real time) a piece of music that has much in common with things like fractals and wavelet noise.  actually, the algorithm itself was inspired by some reading i had been doing about computer graphics, to which often i find my work relates.  the individual notes, occasionally long and sustained, often short enough to be perceived as granular, consist of band-limited noise with formants, generated by phase-modulating a bank of sine oscillators with white noise.  the paths these note-events take through frequency-space is a lattice derived from 3 intervals: 4/3, 7/4, 8/7 and their inverses: 3/4, 4/7, 7/8.  these intervals are sorted and then shuffled like a deck of cards (split in half and interleaved), twice.  there is a variable depth of recursion on the following phrases: forward through the row, backward through the row, and random.  the frequency-space lattice also reflects rhythm, with lower bands generally moving slower than higher bands from the same compute node.  each compute node is relegated to a different frequency region, from 50 to 400 by octaves.  finally, the output is summed to 2 channels and processed by a fifth computer, on which i am live-coding various effects, such as waveshaping, physical modeling, and comb-filtering.

i left the cattri (just the four nodes, not the effects) running this algorithm for about 24 hours straight. i did this because kapow, my parakeet, gets lonely when jenny and i aren't home.  he loves fractals.

future modifications of this piece will allow for dynamic communication between nodes, and not simply a divide-and-conquer strategy.  also, i would love to work out how to incorporate network errors into this system;  i'm thinking i could infect this network with a virus that moves from node to node, pelting the other nodes with spam and infecting the weakest node.

installation of this piece could be done arranging the nodes in space.  a simple visualization, projected into the site, could accompany.

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