audible pictures

so the other day in class, Jeff showed us how to use the max/msp picture object to get image data and translate that into noise. he challenged the non-maxers to do the same in our respective environments. mike used osc packets to read the image in realtime, while i went the NRT route for some added flexibility and synthesis power. we both used proce55ing to load the image file, but while mikes communicated via osc into his chucK patch, mine simply spits out a .txt file with a 'header' of the image dimensions, and a 'body' of rgb values for all the pixels in the image. the 'header'/'body' were line separated, while their values are space separated. in sc3, i was able to come up with a simple i/o paradigm for this and a parser to generate arrays of horizontal line data, which then i used for various purposes. in these examples i am using a pattern to cycle through the array of amplitude information determined by the brightness of each pixel in a line. this produces a series of spectral snapshots along a 'sound pixel' grid. for the first one, i just used 12tet, while for the second i used a just scale with 11 t/8va . eventually i'd like to write a patch that will look at hue and map that onto phase, like a lot of spectrographs do, but that hasn't quite happened yet for a number of reasons. these reasons are also related to why i haven't blogged in a while, and now that i'm somewhat being forced to take a break (im at work) i'll be posting these little misadventures presently.


this is the picture i used for those first two. black = silence. i used it because it was small, but the picture also worked really well because of its repetitive, geometric shape and also its high contrast.  i actually inverted it so there would be more space.

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