an evening of new computer music- live at wesleyan 4.24.07

I've posted the recording of this concert here.

One track was not recorded through the mic set up- ".big eat0r".  It was recorded off the server.  A big thankyou to Fugan Dineen, a friend, teacher, and collaborator, for recording this event for me.  Also many thanks to Ron Kuivila for helping me get my act together and getting me unstuck.

The event happened in the Old Cinema in Wesleyan's CFA, a concrete box like the rest of the buildings there, but this one was particularly well suited for amplified music.  It was intimate but also had stadium seating, which was excellent, although it really looked like I was checking my email the whole time.  At least I had my huge G4 then.  This was sort of its swan song, I guess, as it died very soon thereafter.

Prior to the concert, Tom Benner had installed his Helium spectrum sonification piece, which he played over two loudspeakers that were pointed right at one of the building's flat concrete walls, above the entrance to the building.  The spatialization was lovely, and it seemed like certain frequencies were actually coming from other objects or buildings in the courtyard.  Meanwhile, inside the building, I had installed some very low frequency material derived from convolved impulse trains.

Devin Connelly played detuned guitar in "The King of Pentacles," the penultimate piece.  The system in place for that composition responded to 'secondary' aspects of Devin's playing, such as amplitude curves, as control parameters.  Many of the pieces worked with a time domain analysis method based on zero-crossings.  Sort of like wavesets, but enveloped and overlapping, convolved with bandlimited impulses.  Some of the work, like "The Moat Describes Its Castle," and "Personal Flowers," represent experiments with speech and extended vocal techniques.  "After Dad" I wrote for my father, whose birthday coincided with the date.  I know he's got video somewhere, because he made sure to document it, like he and my mom documented so many piano recitals.  Even though I'm still trying to explain it to them, they came all the way out to Connecticut to support me (not to mention sending me there in the first place), and for that I am very grateful.

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