adventures in auto-surveillance

every twelve minutes, a script on my computer recorded a one-second sample from a condenser mic pointed out my window.  this is what it heard.




while i find the idea intriguing, i think it needs a lot of refinement.  the idea of auto-surveillance came up as i was working 8 - 10 hour days doing landscaping for my parents' house in pennsylvania.  the original idea, which i still would like to pursue, was to analyze the incoming signal with a filter bank to classify events by their timbre and amplitude.  this way, i could build a database of short environmental samples for later use.  as i have had very little time to write any code, this experiment proved quick to implement and yields some satisfying results.  since i'm about to push off for a long road trip across the country, it feels a bit like how sailors would take handfuls of dirt and put them into jars.  i am looking forward to collecting more specimens as we travel.

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