acousmatic comets

today i started working on some sound design for an acousmatic piece.  i mentioned in an earlier post that i was interested in working on a few compositions with more narrative presence.  in the itemized list you'll find in that earlier post, this piece is #3a-- or as i have come to call it, "the damned grotto."  it's inspired by the gorgeous scene in "harry potter and the half-blood prince" where dumbledor fights hordes of the living dead with fireballs as they climb out of the black water in a cavern.  for tonight's work, i laid the foundations (still buggy) for some of the sound design in general, as well as specifically beginning the design process for a short (~14.5 second) sequence where a few fireballs skitter by and ignite some debris in a safely distant part of the cave.  everything needs work, nothing is final.  any criticism would be helpful at this stage.

click here to look at the code.

click here to listen to the sample.

ps- thank you so much, freesound!  and more specifically, thank you, homejrande for your beautiful field recording!

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