Thesis: Problems of Notation, Realization, and Experience

What happens to a realization of media arts when it is distilled to a notation that implies an experience? This relationship may be retrofit ex-post-facto, as a process of describing a realization, or the notation itself may come first as in more traditional instances, giving birth to a realized form through performance.  How can this problem be used to enrich the languages surrounding media arts, and perhaps the arts themselves?
My objectives will include a literature review, ethnographic research of practices, and active participation in the making process. The emphasis will be on actually producing notations and attempting to realize them, but a well informed perspective should also include reading what other people wrote (especially if it isn't text) and observing what people do. A suitable 'end product' would entail a brief review of written discourse surrounding the issue, a few case studies, some auto-ethnography, and most importantly, a playful series of compositions that deal with issues of notation. Currently, I am interested in this problem as it pertains to network arts, since the tools I have developed in the last few years seem well suited to this medium. I, however, do not wish to focus my gaze 'vertically,' (ie on a particular application of the problem) but would rather prefer a more broad, 'horizontal' approach that permits me to vary my modes of production as much as I see fit. This freedom is part of what will imbue the final output with the playfulness I'm hoping for. In this sense, the project is an exploration, albeit a focused one.

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