Who is this guy?

Joe is an engineer, researcher, and artist. He works mainly with sound. He is meticulous and obsessive, with a penchant for the unexpected.

He has projects in the private, academic, and non-profit sectors. Click here for a PDF version of his CV.

Joe makes software and hardware. Generally he uses these things to make sound. He is fluent in both analog and mixed signal applications. These days, he especially enjoys the Cortex M - family of microprocessors. He has a solid foundation in passive and active circuits. He typically codes in C or C++, but has been known to dabble in C#, Java and Python if the application calls for it. He has experience in all stages of the design, implementation, and assessment of innovative, real-time DSP applications for audio and acoustics, and has begun developing more general time series analysis algorithms. He prototypes his algorithms in Octave, Matlab, or R, but also relies heavily on whiteboards for complex projects. His applications include audio plugins as well as standalone programs.

Joe's artwork relishes in the absurd. He has been making music for at least as long as he could talk. He has formal training in the music of many cultures. He also creates interactive public sound sculptures. He is writing, directing, and acting in a sock puppet show for adults which also features some of his music. It has been described as both "awkward" and "terrifying" by someone who may have sat through part of it.

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