here's a simple markovian sample munger written in python2.5.1. should be compatible with 2.6. all bets are off for 3.0. analyzes wave files. don't be a joker and run mp3's through it unless you're willing to accept the consequences. it takes a really long time to generate transition tables for each sample. this is mostly […]

dictionary sex, part II

more sample level markov chain work. sources used for this briccolage are mostly contact mic recordings of things like single drops of water, screwdrivers scraping wood surfaces, and music box tines. a pitch constellation was achieved by limiting the possible chain depth to only a few different values. i'm fond of the dynamic range of […]

dictionary sex

i was a bit concerned about using the above title for this post, because obviously it opens me up as a target for the spam hordes. however, i trust my filters, and the title is just too apt. i have been working on some python code that makes music using a statistical algorithm called a […]


click here to look at the code. cliick here to listen to the mp3. i added a new feature to my monstrous sample level markov chain script. this one lets the user specify a number of repetitions per unit of the chain. the result sounds a bit like waveset stretching, but it's different because it's […]

mulch, dust, talc

so in addition to working yet another 8 hour shift, on less than 3 hours of sleep, installing security cameras in a manhattan apartment building, today i also drove for 4.5 hours to get to my parents' house in pennsylvania, arriving just before midnight.  still, i've made this hackpact, and i have every intention of […]