electric kalimba

for my fourth hackpact, i decided to go with something electronic.  i spent a while getting back into the workflow; it's especially difficult because I'm at my parents' house and not at my typical space.  i ended up prototyping a simple active filter / distortion effect from an op-amp and a few other components.  using […]

DIY Mbira

The Universal Language Orchestra is continuing into this fall with a new grant from UCIRA! As part of our proposal, we have been coming up with musical ideas and instruments to stimulate our young (8 - 12 year old) students' imaginations. This summer, my role has evolved into research and development of these instruments, with […]

barren neptune

i made another distortion circuit. this one is very stable, and very loud. based on my limited understanding of the subject, this one works by overdriving the components inside the opamp, rather than using a diode to clip the peaks of the waveform. despite how primitive and brutal this circuit is, it doesn't do much […]


for today's hackpact, i made a new distortion effect, starting with the circuit from last night as a base.  this circuit is a bit less stable, and it's harder to tell exactly what's going on sonically.  it sounds a bit like a ring mod with a filter that occasionally self-oscillates.  it's still very simple in […]