flight of the cattri

for those who need to be refreshed, the Cattri = my linux cluster.  currently, it's four old-ish computers i got for free, connected with a router, which communicate with each other (and anyone on the wireless network) over OpenSoundControl (UDP) and SSH.  the name comes from the Pali word for the Four Noble Truths in […]

cattri surgery

Over the summer, Mike and I determined it would probably be a good idea to disassemble his five node baby cluster and let me integrate them into the Cattri. Seeing as most of my development thus far has involved a single remote server, Dukkha, not to mention the fact that the introduction of more nodes […]

Sanction of the Victim at MMiX Festival!

tomorrow, from 6pm - 7:45, my networked computer music composition,"Sanction of the Victim" will be installed at Theaterlab, for the MMiX Festival. it will be presented in 4.1 surround sound. i am very excited. admission is free. if you haven't seen this yet, you should consider stopping by. it will be loud. here's a pic […]

a few summer projects

I spent June traveling across the continental USA, visiting friends and making field recordings.  I will cover that month's activities in a future post.  In July, I moved into a retired auto-body shop in industrial Greenpoint.  I am helping my flatmate convert it into a recording studio.  In the meantime, I have been fiendishly networking […]

tdat- a genetic approach

so, the last post on this topic left me with a ruleset that i liked and moving on to start filling in those ascii characters with meaningful content. i am sorry to say that i have hit a snag. that is, i ran a few simulations of the 'tHl' ruleset and got enough unsatisfactory results […]


click to listen this is a recording of the cattri, my cluster, "performing" (read: generating in real time) a piece of music that has much in common with things like fractals and wavelet noise.  actually, the algorithm itself was inspired by some reading i had been doing about computer graphics, to which often i find […]

more dumb things to do with networks

I did it again. Bigger. This time, instead of making two oscillators (and actually the previous recording only had one oscillator), I made four. Each machine gets sent to a different channel in my crappy samson mixer (the one that I used for no-input mixing with the Braxton ensemble back in undergrad), where I made […]

dumb things to do with networks

(click here for sound)  one particularly dumb thing you can do with a network is arrange two nodes to bounce messages back and fourth as fast as they possibly can, like a game of ping pong. while activity this is fun in and of itself (at least perhaps for some), the more interesting things occur […]

clients, distributed

I have gotten sclang, the client component of the 'supercollider' environment, up and running across a LAN. Let's start with why this is significant... Supercollider is a client-server application, communicating either over UDP or TCP. Thus, it can be readily implemented across a network where the client resides "locally," sending messages (I prefer UDP so […]

more algae

Following up on the previous post "Factory Factories," I have made some new developments in the direction of lindenmayer systems. To recap, I have been interested in using L-systems as compositional tools for quite some time. Avid readers of this blog who take their ginko may recall Sasu and Iannis, visually generated L-systems that served […]

factory factories

agog a simple l-system rendered into granular structures. an l-system is a type of recursive language that was developed initially to describe plant growth and bacteria. one could also call this composition a fractal. this l-system is the 3rd generation of the axiom x_xx, where the rule x--> x_xx is applied to every x in […]

recent developments in a nutshell

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. It has been a really wild ride. I find myself running full speed ahead so often, that sometimes it seems like to reflect on what I've been able to accomplish would result in some kind of an explosion. At the same time, my lack of […]